The effective deployment of a military IoT hinges on its ability to provide low-latency communication across its devices. Although research on low-latency has recently attracted attention, existing works cannot meet a number of military IoT-specific challenges. To overcome these challenges, the goal of this MURI effort is to develop a foundational framework for guaranteeing low latency and information freshness in a military IoT by introducing a fundamentally novel notion of “multi-mode AoI” that is cognizant of the dynamic and heterogeneous information aging processes in a military IoT, and, then, developing a suite of new tools for characterizing, optimizing, and enhancing this multi-mode AoI in large-scale military IoT systems.  Borne out of a collaboration between researchers in wireless networks, information theory, signal processing, game theory, optimization, computer science, and security, this research will result in a number of latency-centric innovations. The anticipated research outcomes will equip the DoD with a foundational science of information latency broadly applicable across multiple military applications.

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